Our Services

We partner with clients to raise awareness, build consensus, and spark action to achieve effective policy.

Government Relations and Advocacy

Who are the decision-makers, and who influences them? We’ll help you navigate Washington’s tricky interconnections to raise awareness and build support — among lawmakers, regulators, and key stakeholders. We’ll then build out plans to achieve policy “wins” that make a real difference.

  • Lobbying
  • Legislative tracking and analysis
  • Writing strategy and editorial advice
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Building Coalitions and Finding Allies

Going it alone is never a good strategy. Finding like-minded nonprofits, trade associations, companies, think tanks, academics, and grassroots organizations that will advance your goals is a key to successful advocacy. Let’s work together to gain consensus and build a plan for coordinated action.

  • Partner identification and analysis
  • Relationship-building and engagement
  • Coalition formation and management
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Policy Expertise

Congressional and administrative staffers, journalists, and professors all turn to our team as a go-to resource for insights on policy and today’s political landscape. We can help you understand the situation at hand and how best to attack the policy aspects.

  • Writing content and white papers
  • Legislative and executive order analysis
  • Nonlegal analysis of regulations and court decisions
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Public and Media Relations

What’s the story you’re trying to tell about your issue? We’ll help you craft a compelling narrative and then communicate it effectively. We build websites that achieve conversions, and we plan engagement strategies that leverage digital advertising and social media platforms.

  • Digital marketing
  • Website design
  • Public engagement, including op-ed writing and on-the-record spokesperson support
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Digital Advocacy

Where is the best place to find your audiences online? What messages will educate and engage them? We’ll use analytics to help you build integrated digital campaigns that reach, inform, and mobilize your target audiences to deliver measurable results.

  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media outreach and advertising
  • Programmatic media buying
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Creative Development

We can help you break through the “noise” by creating messages and materials that stand out, resonate with your audiences, and inspire action.

  • Digital and social media content
  • Video production
  • Graphic design
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