Public Affairs

photo credit:  Mic and Bokeh

photo credit: Mic and Bokeh

To amplify our government relations and lobbying work, InSight develops and delivers messaging and communications strategies that build the on-the-ground support our clients need to win lawmaker votes.

We excel in distilling complex policy issues (related to technology, taxes, economic policy, health care, and more) into powerful, easy-to-digest messages that motivate broad audiences to take action. We also know how to scale up, scale down, or bring in our partners to meet our clients where they are.

InSight clients also benefit from our preferred partnership with Reingold — a full-service communications and creative agency that specializes in mission-driven campaigns at the most targeted or broadest levels. Reingold’s team of more than 150 professionals is dedicated to excellence and tailored services in media relations, video and materials development, digital advocacy, and more.



  • Message development or refinement

  • Strategic communications planning and execution

  • Service as executive director and/or public spokesperson

  • Corporate positioning and branding

  • Digital advocacy (grass-roots, C-suite, targeted, and national)

  • Media relations, spokesperson training

  • Creative development (video, print materials, and web design