Matthew is a senior director/counsel at InSight Public Affairs who specializes in building advocacy campaigns involving complex legal issues. He excels at this work by following one simple rule: Identify target audiences and develop messages that are appealing and understandable to them. This is especially important when the issues are complicated and  their multiple stakeholders have various levels of expertise.

Matthew trained under former Federal Trade Commission Policy Director David Balto, a nationally known expert in competition policy and a prolific author on antitrust issues, consumer protection, financial services, intellectual property, and health care competition. As a result, Matthew gained considerable experience in multilayered legal matters that touch the lives of U.S. consumers. After years of legal practice, he realized that many of his clients' problems could be solved more effectively and at a lower cost outside of a courtroom.

Matthew is an expert on antitrust and intellectual property policy — and especially the ways these policies intersect. He has authored and co-authored influential academic papers, articles, and amicus briefs, and he helped lead the successful consumer campaign against the mergers of Aetna/Humana and Anthem/Cigna. Matthew blogs for Project DisCo, where he breaks down complex issues that affect tech policy. He also co-leads the Coalition Against Patent Abuse, a coalition that seeks to lower drug prices by improving the patent system.