Matthew Lane

Senior Director / Counsel

Phone: 202-246-1400

Matthew's Analysis

Matthew specializes in building advocacy campaigns involving complex legal issues. He is an expert on antitrust and intellectual property policy and has considerable experience in multilayered legal matters that touch the lives of U.S. consumers.


Executive Director, Coalition Against Patent Abuse

Juris Doctor, University of Florida Levin College of Law

Bachelor of Science, University of Florida


1.   What spurred your move to D.C. to work in public policy?
I was actually working another job and following law and tech reporting when I realized I could be one of those working toward better policy. I know that might seem silly to a lot of folks in D.C., but coming from a middle-class family in Florida that had no connection to law or politics, it never really occurred to me that it was an option. I decided to take a chance and study for the LSAT, but then the real estate crash happened. Since my job was connected to real estate, I had to take a second job while studying. I made it through and was accepted at the University of Florida's law school, where I got to know some great professors who helped guide me on my path. I was hired at a boutique D.C. law and policy shop for my first job, which helped round out my education and turned me into an effective advocate.

2.   What has been your proudest moment in your career?
Joining the team at InSight. I love being able to work with brilliant people who care about their work and seeking clients that share our passion for making the world a better place.
3.   What is your desert island five-song playlist?
Standing Outside a Broken Telephone Booth with Money in My Hand (Primitive Radio Gods), Daylight (Aesop Rock), Five Seconds (Twin Shadow), Evening Prayer aka Justice (Ezra Furman), and 101FM (Little Simz).
4.   Favorite book?
Anathem by Neal Stephenson.
5.   Favorite movie?
The Princess Bride.
6.   Five people everyone should follow on Twitter?
7.   If you were not working in advocacy, what would you be?
Probably living on a farm in the mountains somewhere, making pottery.
8.   What is your least favorite thing about your job?
When you do everything right and still face a loss, it can be tough. But that’s the nature of advocacy at times.
9.   You get one constitutional amendment. What do you do?
It’s about time we ratified the Equal Rights Amendment.
10. Coffee, tea, or neither?
Both. I love coffee, but I can’t drink too much for health reasons, so I supplement with tea.
11. Sparkling or still?

12. What is your favorite hobby when you are away from the office?
Pottery. Most of the dishes I use are ones I’ve made. Breaking dishes is no longer a bad thing — just an excuse to get back in the studio.
13. What is the one piece of advice you have for people who want to work        in advocacy?
Follow the Bill and Ted rule: “Be excellent to each other.” A lot of advocacy is about building stakeholder coalitions, and those you work with will change over time. That means your adversary today could be an ally tomorrow. It also means that it’s important to help the next generation of advocates.